Sunday, February 19, 2006

Operation Charging Bison (in Spanish)

Comenzando el 30 de Abril de este año, las Fuerzas Armadas Canadienses (FAC) estarán conduciendo a gran escala durante una semana entera maniobras de guerra urbana en el centro de la ciudad de Winnipeg. Acontecimiento que tomará lugar los primeros días de Mayo en el cuál se conmemora un acontecimiento mundial como lo es El Día Internacional de los Trabajadores. Estas maniobras son una provocación extravagante dirigida a los movimientos populares y debe de ser prevenida y resistida.

Alrededor del mundo la Maple leaf que ha sido elevada por el FAC (Fuerzas Armadas Canadienses) ha venido a representar tortura, opresión y asesinato para aquellos desafortunados que la han visto elevarse. En Afganistán, las Fuerzas Canadienses han ayudado a sostener y defender la teocracia que se opone completamente a los intereses básicos de la gente allá. En Haití, las Fuerzas Canadienses trabajan junto con Francia y Los Estados Unidos para llevar acabo golpe de estado en contra del Presidente electo de Haití, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, y establecer un gobierno de negocios élite quienes han abierto al ya extremadamente país pobre para explotarlo aun mas .

Las maniobras de la guerra urbana a la que han identificado con el codo Operation Charging Bison, servirá para entrenar al FAC para mejorar su papel cómo reaccionarios, anti popular, antipaz, anti revolucionarios y pro-imperialistas.

Nosotros los activistas del Movimiento de Resistencia de los Pueblos (Winnipeg) estamos haciendo un llamado masivo de resistencia. Al principio de la semana en que se llevara acabo "Operation Charging Bison" nosotros estaremos lanzando un trabajo masivo en el vecindario cercano y en las comunidades donde las maniobras tendrán lugar. Este trabajo masivo servirá para edificar bases de soporte para las acciones previstas también nos dará la oportunidad de entablar dialogo con las masas acerca de lo que es el internacionalismo, antiimperialismo, oposición a una guerra injusta y la posibilidad de un mundo mejor. Durante estas acciones incluyendo (pero por cierto sin limite alguno) una marcha en Mayo, haciendo un llamado al retiro de las tropas canadienses en Haití, Afganistán y nuestra ciudad. Es aborrecible que ellos estén entrenando para poner abajo a los movimientos de resistencia legítimos y nosotros necesitamos asegurarnos que ellos no sean bienvenidos.

En breve, nosotros queremos cambiar todo el terreno político en ambos; en esta ciudad y alrededor del mundo. Queremos poner oposición al terrible papel que Canadá tiene en Haití y Afganistán en el área principal. Queremos hacer una gran mancha que nadie en el país podrá ser capaz de ignorarla. Nosotros queremos mandar un mensaje a la gente de todo el mundo desde Puerto Príncipe a Kandahar a Fullujah que nosotros nos solidarizamos con ellos en unidad y esperanza en contra de nuestro gobierno por una liberación futura.

Dejen sus planes y únanse a nuestra causa en Winnipeg en las semanas cercanas al día de Mayo. Ayúdenos a colocar a Winnipeg el la misma categoría que Seattle, La ciudad de Québec y Genoa. Sea parte de la historia en proceso. Porque el mundo no puede esperar.

Movimiento de Resistencia de los Pueblos World People’s Resistance Movement

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Stop the ‘Charging Bison’ in its tracks!

Beginning April 30th of this year, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) will beconducting a week-long, large-scale urban-warfare exercise in downtown Winnipeg. Taking place over May Day, International Worker’s Day, this exercise is an outrageous provocation toward people’s movements and must be opposed and resisted.

Around the world, the maple-leaf flown by the CAF has come to represent murder, torture and oppression to those unlucky enough to see it flying. In Afghanistan, Canadian Forces are helping to prop-up and defend a vicious theocracy that is completely opposed to the basic interests of the people there. In Haiti, Canadian Forces worked together with France and the US to carry out a coup d’etat against the elected president of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, and to install a government of business elites who are opening the already extremely-poor country to even more exploitation. Here in Canada, the CAF has suppressed numerous acts of resistance by Aboriginal Peoples.

The urban-warfare exercise, already given the codename ‘Operation Charging Bison,’ will serve to train the CAF to better carry out their reactionary, anti-people, anti-peace, counter-revolutionary, and pro-imperialist role.

We, the activists of the World People’s Resistance Movement (Winnipeg) are therefore calling for massive resistance. In the weeks leading up to‘Operating Charging Bison’ we will be conducting mass work in the nearby neighborhoods and communities where the exercises will be taking place. This mass work will serve to build up a basis of support for the upcoming actions as well as give us an opportunity to engage with the masses around the questions of internationalism, anti-imperialism, opposition to unjustwar, and the possibilities of a much better world. During the operation itself we will be participating in many diverse actions, including (but certainly not limited to!) a May Day march calling for the withdrawal of all Canadian troops from Haiti, Afghanistan, and our city. It is abhorrent that they will be training to put down legitimate resistance movements –and we need to ensure that they are not welcome.

In short, we want to change the whole political terrain, both in this city and around the world. We want to put opposition to Canada’s terrible role in Haiti and Afghanistan in the mainstream. We want to make a splash so big that no one in the country will be able to ignore it. We want to send a message to the people of the whole world -- from Port-au-Prince toKandahar to Fallujah – that we stand with them, against our government, in unity and in hope for all-the-way liberation.

Drop your plans and come to Winnipeg for the weeks leading up to May Day.Help place Winnipeg in the same category as Seattle, Quebec City, and Genoa. Be part of history in the making: Because the world can’t wait.

Call of the WPRM

Build the World Peoples Resistance Movement!
By the Provisional Organising Committee, World People’s Resistance Movement

The people of the whole world are confronted with a global challenge by a dangerous enemy aiming to solidify and expand a world-wide empire. This enemy has declared its right to use military force to intervene anywhere and everywhere, to destroy peoples and their lands, to slander the people’s struggles as "terrorist" in order to legitimise snuffing out any resistance to their vicious military, political, and economic order. When they use their newly proclaimed "right" to replace regimes at will even against the most despicable of tyrants (most of whom they themselves have backed and fed), the ultimate victim and target is not the tyrants but the peoples themselves. Last year’s smokescreen of human rights and democracy have been largely replaced with naked gangster logic of national self interest, resurrection of the "white man’s burden" of 19th century colonialism and holy wars pitting Christianity (or the "Judeo-Christian tradition") against the "heathens". And this reactionary crusade carried out in the name of "war on terrorism" is backed by the most powerful weapons of terror and mass destruction that has ever existed on the earth.

The progressive forces in every country are confronted with a great challenge. They must either "be with us or against us", as the chieftain in crime has put it. Long before Sept 11 the injustice of the world order in which a relative handful live off the labour and misery of the worlds peoples was screaming out for resistance. Millions were already in motion and the need for world wide unity was already apparent. Now it all the more clear that the road to social progress and liberation cannot sidestep a direct confrontation with the US led machine.

It is the imperative duty of all progressive forces to dare to resist and unite against this enemy whose name is imperialism.

When the masters openly praise the virtues of torture, it is a green light for every despotic regime in the world to clamp down viciously. When the imperialists have declared that there is no national frontiers that they need respect, the people, too, are required to unite their forces across national lines. Powerful movements against the global institutions of the enemy bring together demonstrators for many countries. The actions of even a relative few reverberates throughout the empire and the blows struck in distant corners strengthen the resolve of those fighting in the entrails of the enemy. The courageous stand taken by prominent writers and artists in one country inspire counterparts the world over. The protectors of a vicious system want an global struggle-so be it!

We can never allow our foes to determine which struggle is legitimate and which is not. All those struggles against imperialism and reaction must be supported including where the oppressed and exploited have taken up arms against the enforcers of the old order. We can never accept that the biggest criminals on earth may burn down whole cities while the people are forbidden to light candles.

The World People’s Resistance Movement is being formed to help the struggles all over the globe flow together into a mighty torrent. The WPRM provides an international vehicle to promote and facilitate the world wide unity against our common enemy. Today’s focus must be opposing the imperialist crusade carried out under the sign "war on terrorism".

The WPRM does not seek to supplant or compete with any other people’s organisation on a national or international level. All those on the same side of the barricades are welcome. Help form the chapters of the WPRM in every country made up of individuals, circles, associations and political parties. North and South, East and West, unite the people’s struggles!