Thursday, February 16, 2006

Call of the WPRM

Build the World Peoples Resistance Movement!
By the Provisional Organising Committee, World People’s Resistance Movement

The people of the whole world are confronted with a global challenge by a dangerous enemy aiming to solidify and expand a world-wide empire. This enemy has declared its right to use military force to intervene anywhere and everywhere, to destroy peoples and their lands, to slander the people’s struggles as "terrorist" in order to legitimise snuffing out any resistance to their vicious military, political, and economic order. When they use their newly proclaimed "right" to replace regimes at will even against the most despicable of tyrants (most of whom they themselves have backed and fed), the ultimate victim and target is not the tyrants but the peoples themselves. Last year’s smokescreen of human rights and democracy have been largely replaced with naked gangster logic of national self interest, resurrection of the "white man’s burden" of 19th century colonialism and holy wars pitting Christianity (or the "Judeo-Christian tradition") against the "heathens". And this reactionary crusade carried out in the name of "war on terrorism" is backed by the most powerful weapons of terror and mass destruction that has ever existed on the earth.

The progressive forces in every country are confronted with a great challenge. They must either "be with us or against us", as the chieftain in crime has put it. Long before Sept 11 the injustice of the world order in which a relative handful live off the labour and misery of the worlds peoples was screaming out for resistance. Millions were already in motion and the need for world wide unity was already apparent. Now it all the more clear that the road to social progress and liberation cannot sidestep a direct confrontation with the US led machine.

It is the imperative duty of all progressive forces to dare to resist and unite against this enemy whose name is imperialism.

When the masters openly praise the virtues of torture, it is a green light for every despotic regime in the world to clamp down viciously. When the imperialists have declared that there is no national frontiers that they need respect, the people, too, are required to unite their forces across national lines. Powerful movements against the global institutions of the enemy bring together demonstrators for many countries. The actions of even a relative few reverberates throughout the empire and the blows struck in distant corners strengthen the resolve of those fighting in the entrails of the enemy. The courageous stand taken by prominent writers and artists in one country inspire counterparts the world over. The protectors of a vicious system want an global struggle-so be it!

We can never allow our foes to determine which struggle is legitimate and which is not. All those struggles against imperialism and reaction must be supported including where the oppressed and exploited have taken up arms against the enforcers of the old order. We can never accept that the biggest criminals on earth may burn down whole cities while the people are forbidden to light candles.

The World People’s Resistance Movement is being formed to help the struggles all over the globe flow together into a mighty torrent. The WPRM provides an international vehicle to promote and facilitate the world wide unity against our common enemy. Today’s focus must be opposing the imperialist crusade carried out under the sign "war on terrorism".

The WPRM does not seek to supplant or compete with any other people’s organisation on a national or international level. All those on the same side of the barricades are welcome. Help form the chapters of the WPRM in every country made up of individuals, circles, associations and political parties. North and South, East and West, unite the people’s struggles!


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