Tuesday, October 10, 2006

WPRM meeting on Afghanistan - Oct 19

Thursday, October 19th • 7pm
University of Winnipeg • Room 0R06 (basement of Bulman Centre)

Come discuss Canada's role in Afghanistan with us.

Come discuss the US led offensive for world hegemony and the Greater Middle East Initiative.

Come discuss the future with us.

World People's Resistance Movement - Winnipeg

Speaking in Winnipeg - International Road Building Brigade Participant

Saturday, October 21st • 7pm
University of Winnipeg • Room 4M47 (4th floor, Manitoba Hall)

Who are the Maoist rebels leading revolution in Nepal? What are there goals, methods, and aspirations? What has revolution in the countryside meant for Nepal, and where is it headed?

Come listen to a Canadian who participated in the International Road Building Brigade to Nepal in 2005 (with powerpoint presentation.)

Working side by side villagers and People's Liberation Army members, he had the chance to talk with the people making revolution in the Red Base Areas. These are areas inaccessable to the brutal monarchist's army, and where new Autonomous governments have been formed. Come hear Francois Thibault's take on what the decade long 'People's War' means for the world.

A link to a report from the First Road Building Brigade.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Five Reasons... And More... Why Canada Needs to Leave Afghanistan Now!

Canada must leave Afghanistan now—not because Canadian troops are dying or because Canada’s presence in Afghanistan fails to meet the criteria of a 'peacekeeping' mission. Canada needs to leave because this mission runs against the interests of the people of Afghanistan.

Some will argue this war is bringing democracy to Afghanistan. So, what kind of democracy is Canada bringing to the people of Afghanistan and how is it doing this?

One. Afghanistan is a theocracy. It is a country ruled by religion. The US and its allies brought Hamid Karzai to power. Soon after, this country was renamed the ‘Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’ and sharia law was made the highest law of the land. This means: journalists can be jailed for speaking in favor of women’s rights and people risk execution for converting to Christianity or other religions.

Two. Afghanistan is under occupation which means power is not in the hands of the people, instead sovereignty is in the hands of NATO and the US. The people of Afghanistan will not decide the major policies which they will be forced to live with. What will they be forced to live with? Women being stoned to death for committing adultery, among other horrors.

Three. In rural areas, people are in large part illiterate and impoverished. Warlords dominate the countryside and severely oppress the peasant population and women are especially targeted. Child selling, kidnapping and rape are common. These warlords are allied to the central government that Canada helped into power. The warlords have so much control over the countryside that people can’t organize meaningful opposition. The elections have not liberated anyone–they have served their objective—to legitimize the new government for public opinion.

Four. In many ways, living under the occupation is worse than living under the Taliban. There is little infrastructure. Life for women has become more dangerous as they face a greater risk of being raped. Unemployment is rampant. Peasants are indebted to rural moneylenders. And the occupiers will point to the Taliban and other political forces to excuse their actions. “You’d be living under them if it weren’t for us.” Too bad the occupiers are in the process of creating a miserable society within their firm grip.

Five. It is up to the people of Afghanistan to begin developing their country in a positive direction. The end of the occupation will not guarantee that the Taliban won’t return victorious. But, most Afghans justifiably hate the Taliban and it is quite possible that Afghans, without any foreign leadership, would be able to defeat the Taliban and forces similar. This said, the occupation of Afghanistan guarantees prolonged suffering and ironically serves pro-taliban sentiment.

These are only five reasons why Canada must leave Afganistan...

There are many more reasons.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

A message from the World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime Steering Committee on Oct. 5

The following is being read at Oct. 5 rallies around the country:

A day we’ve all been waiting for is happening. We are standing up together, all over the country, determined to carry forward a great movement to drive out the Bush Regime. This movement is made up of many people of many different viewpoints and backgrounds---all uniting to accomplish something that must be done. This audacious and historic venture is born of urgent necessity. “The Bush Regime is setting out to radically remake society very quickly, in a fascist way, and for generations to come. We must act now; the future is in the balance.”

In just the past year we have seen:

Government spying--bolted into law;
Alito & Roberts - installed in the Supreme Court;
The Patriot Act passed - again;
Theocratic anti-abortion and anti-gay laws - spreading intolerance;
War in Iraq--more murderous;
War on Lebanon - approved and fueled;
War on Iran - in preparation;
Cuba, Venezuela and other countries in their sights;
Torture - legalized.

The act passed last week stripped the fundamental right of habeas corpus for 14,000 detainees in secret prisons around the world and to anyone anywhere that the president accuses of being an enemy combatant - all without any real opposition in the halls of power.

This is how fascism happens here, with an orderly transfer of power to the executive branch, to a president and administration claiming war time powers - in a war promised to last generations; to a president who lied about Iraq and is now laying plans for a catastrophic war with Iran; to a president who believes he is on a mission from God.

This is indeed a defining moment. It is not too late to stop this fascist trajectory. But if it goes unopposed by the people of this country, it could be too late. The darkness of this regime descending on the country and the world will succeed in silencing dissent, critical thought, science, the ideals of equality and even the way people think of basic human decency.

Millions of people deeply disturbed by this have been looking for a vehicle to express their outrage. Today in more than 200 cities – 90 of them in 26 states that went for Bush in 2004-- people are finding their courage in this vehicle. We are punching a hole in the political atmosphere of silence and fear that has people going along with a fascist program. And we are opening the way for the kind of resistance we need to stop and reverse the direction this government is taking this society and the world.

Acting in this way, we join with and give support and heart to people all over the globe who so urgently need and want this regime to be stopped. We have to look at ourselves through their eyes – how is the rest of the world seeing us. We have to reckon with how the people of the Middle East, whose countries have been turned to rubble, are seeing us. To be silent when your country is waging endless war, legalizing torture, and taking step after step towards consolidating a police state to "make us safe" is just not conscionable. But when we are out here as we are today, we are demonstrating to the world that there is a difference between the people and the government of George Bush.

Having taken this historic step, we must promise to take this forward to make resistance to all this a reality, now. We must go forward--transforming the anguish, outrage and frustration millions of us feel into truly effective, positive and massive political mobilization. We must stay on the offensive with our opposition to the WHOLE direction of things, and to this regime---including through the immediate period before and after the mid-term elections.

We must not stop, we must go forward. No matter who is elected, we ourselves, the people, by our OWN active initiative, have to now set entirely different political terms than the ones presently accepted as “realistic”.

We must not stop.

It is time to change the terms of discourse. It is not acceptable, at a time when the Supreme Court is getting ready to overturn Roe v. Wade, for the opposition to be saying that the right of a woman to control her own body is expendable.

It is not right for the terms of debate on war in Iraq to be “No exit till victory v. sending more troops”. It’s totally unacceptable that in a civilized country there would even be a debate about torture - or that the opposition is only how to regulate and legalize it.

We must not stop. There is time but there is very little time. We have to change the political landscape so everyone has to respond to what hundreds of thousands of people are now actively on a mission to accomplish: to drive out this criminal regime and to repudiate, to reject, to put beyond the pale the whole immoral and unjust program of this regime.

We have taken a gigantic step today - now we have important plans to make, including over the next days and weeks. So, as you end this day, know that this is not one of those demonstrations you march and go back home to the same old same old. What do you do when there is warning of a tsunami coming your way? You make plans for emergency mobilization. And we are going to do just that.

In one week, we are calling for MASS MEETINGS – where thousands across the country must come to be part of summing up what we have accomplished and be part of planning how to go forward, rapidly expanding our capacity. We’ll discuss “how do you drive an illegitimate regime from power?” We have very important plans for what the next ambitious and necessary steps this movement should make.

In the meantime we must not lose an ounce of momentum - immediately getting other people to join us. To keep the profile and message of World Can’t Wait pulsing through the political atmosphere over the next 6 weeks. We are calling on people to:

1) Be out in the streets - be out in the public square. Wear orange. Wear orange armbands. Decorate yourself and the city with orange Emergency crime tape to symbolize those being disappeared and tortured in our name. Pick a busy area in your city and be there at the same time and day for the next 6 weeks, creating a culture of resistance in song and theater, holding speak-outs on the “Your Government” indictments, making exhibits and showing films. We’ll be ready to respond to an October, or November surprise by the Bush Regime.

2) Today is a gigantic step forward in starting the society-wide debate needed for people in their millions to act even more powerfully. So we are calling today for STATE OF EMERGENCY TEACH-INS to take place before the end of October that can carry out emergency education on each of the “Your Government” indictments found in our Call. We are out to wake people up to what is going on, in their name. We will make the case that this regime is guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

So go home with something orange and wear it the rest of the month. Come to the meeting next week and plan to bring your courage and your imagination, bring your resources and your political connections because together we will plan our next steps needed to drive out this Regime before 2008.

Because Bush, because Cheney, because Rumsfeld, because Rice, because Gonzales must all be driven out, they must leave the White House politically repudiated and thoroughly discredited as the war criminals that they are. Anything short of that is unacceptable to the world, to our children, to the future.



The World Can’t Wait – Drive Out the Bush Regime

866 973 4463

Nepali comrade Gaurav re-arrested in India

2 October 2006. A World to Win News Service. Indian police have re-arrested Chandra Prakash Gajurel (comrade Gaurav), a leader of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), on new charges on the day he was scheduled to be freed after serving a three-year prison sentence.

As he was about to leave India in August 2003, the CPN(M) Political Bureau member was arrested at the airport in Chennai, in the state of Madras, for a passport violation, usually considered a minor offence. The Indian governments efforts to deport him to Nepal were blocked after a legal battle, and he remained in jail without charges. Then on 17 September 2005, the courts ordered that he be held for a year under the National Security Act, and in May 2006, he was sentenced to serve three years imprisonment, starting from the day of his arrest, for the original passport violation. Taking into account the jail terms he had already served, Comrade Gaurav was scheduled for release 18 September.

A crowd of at least a hundred supporters was on hand at 7 am outside the Chennai prison to greet him that day. But before he could even leave the prison grounds, he was re-arrested at the request of the police in the state of West Bengal, where charges of waging war against India have been filed against him. According to the Indian daily The Hindu, concretely this means that he is being accused of taking part in secret meetings with a view to disturbing law and order.

In a letter, comrade Gauravs lawyer Alagarsamy Rahul described the scene outside the prison that morning. As the crowd, which included 15 lawyers, was waiting for his release, a convoy of six vehicles which contained heavily armed police numbering nearly 50 took Gajurel to an unknown location. Neither Gajurel nor his lawyers were informed of the details of the arrest, if any, made inside the prison premises. The entire crowd blocked the road peacefully, obstructing the passage of the police vehicles, and claimed that they had a right to be informed of the details of the arrest. Mr Gajurel was sitting in the police van without being allowed to talk to his lawyers.

Thereafter, the crowd was informed that Mr Gajurel was being taken to Chennai Magistrate Court. The entire crowd followed the police vehicles in two-wheelers and three-wheelers, etc. Mr Gajurel was taken to a police station situated at Egmore. With great difficulty, three of the lawyers were permitted to meet him.

The lawyers letter goes on to describe the circumstances of the arrest and the arguments before the Magistrate Court that day, where comrade Gauravs defenders argued that his detention was illegal from a number of different angles. In particular, when the police claimed in court that they had arrested comrade Gaurav outside the prison, a potentially decisive issue, 11 lawyers filed affidavits swearing that this was a lie. More than 300 people assembled before the prison while these court proceedings were taking place. Ignoring police orders to disperse, they entered the courtroom, where they remained for several hours.

Finally, in response to a motion brought before it, the Madras High Court intervened that same afternoon, ordering that comrade Gaurav not be removed to West Bengal until further hearings were held. He was denied bail and sent back to Chennai prison. However, according to reports, in late September hearings the Madras High Court ruled that the West Bengal police should be allowed to take comrade Gaurav to that state to face the new charges.

The CPN(M) says that although India released 11 imprisoned Nepali Maoists in August, it is still holding more than 130 CPN(M) leaders and cadres, including the senior comrade Kiran (Mohan Baidha).

The World Peoples Resistance Movement (www.wprm.org ) calls this situation another outrageous example of the on-going efforts by the Indian authorities to use comrade Gaurav and Kiran, as well as the other Nepali political prisoners being held in India jails, as bargaining chips in their efforts to control political developments and the peoples struggle in Nepal.