Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Speaking in Winnipeg - International Road Building Brigade Participant

Saturday, October 21st • 7pm
University of Winnipeg • Room 4M47 (4th floor, Manitoba Hall)

Who are the Maoist rebels leading revolution in Nepal? What are there goals, methods, and aspirations? What has revolution in the countryside meant for Nepal, and where is it headed?

Come listen to a Canadian who participated in the International Road Building Brigade to Nepal in 2005 (with powerpoint presentation.)

Working side by side villagers and People's Liberation Army members, he had the chance to talk with the people making revolution in the Red Base Areas. These are areas inaccessable to the brutal monarchist's army, and where new Autonomous governments have been formed. Come hear Francois Thibault's take on what the decade long 'People's War' means for the world.

A link to a report from the First Road Building Brigade.


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