Thursday, July 13, 2006

June 30 Actions in Colombia

The WPRM-Colombia and the Anti-imperialist Brigades, a revolutionary organization of the masses that supports the WPRM-Colombia, distributed more than ten thousands of the POC statement demanding the release of the Comrades Gaurav and Kiran and the other Nepali political prisoners in Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Medellin and Pereira.

In Bogotá, at noon, some three dozens of activists demonstrated during half an hour in front of the Indian Embassy. The demonstrators carried a big banner with the message "Free comrades Gaurav and Kiran and all other progressive and revolutionary Nepali Prisoners in India and China —Now!". Three times the demonstrators blocked the Carrera Séptima and the Avenida Chile, one of the main crosses in the city, and where the Embassy is located. Finally the demonstrators marched some five blocks in a zone that is the financial heart of Bogotá, chanting slogans and agitating about the situation of the Nepali prisoners in India and China. Street vendors and low level bank employees supported the demonstrators and some wondered about this kind of action in a zone like that in a country where the oppressors are waging a war against the people.

Before, during and after the demonstration, some other activists make repeated phone calls and faxed (both in Spanish and English) to the Embassy transmitting the message of the protest. In the afternoon, the Secretary of the Mission says that the received dozens of faxes and phone calls about the Nepali revolutionaries and that the Embassy will send the message to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in India.

In Bucaramanga, thousands of leaflets were distributed to university students and to the masses in some neighborhoods. In a meeting of school teachers, the WPRM activists were long applauded when agitating after leafleting to all the teachers. Some activists made long distance calls to the Embassy, both in English and Spanish, including the known human rights lawyer Juan-Jose Landinez who ask for the Ambassador (Mrs. Nilima Mitra) and after introduced himself expressed the WPRM demands. Mr. Landinez was a member of various IEC delegations to Peru.


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