Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Message to the Canadian Revolutionary Congress

The world situation is being shaped by the furthering of already acute contradictions and conflicts. On the one hand, the imperialists have launched an offensive against the world’s poor and oppressed, through their ‘war on terror.’ On the other, the world’s people have resiliently stood up to confront imperialism, and deal it heavy blows.

In the aftermath of the events of September 11, 2001, Bush and company, with the support of Canada , declared the right to attack whoever they want, for whatever reasons they concoct, and however they choose to do so. This has led to the increased normalization of atrocities, such as the use of torture, arbitrary detentions, and gross human rights violations in the wars they’ve unleashed. They have launched a crusade, spreading “democracy” in the tradition of brutal imperialist foreign policy. First was Afghanistan , then Iraq , and now they are preparing for Iran .

The ‘war on terror’ has caused incredible hardships and misery for the people of Afghanistan and Iraq . Additionally, through the U.S. ’s regional attack force, Israel , the imperialists have committed terrible massacres in Lebanon and Gaza . While the murders in Afghanistan , Iraq , Lebanon , Palestine are deplorable enough, the U.S. led offensive continues to increase this global rampage. It is within the context of this new phase of world imperialism that the U.S. and its allies like Canada have struck out so viciously.

Far from accepting the new world order – the world’s people have defiantly raised their heads to fight back – to demand an alternative to the McSweatshop world and Jihadist polarization taking place. In France , only a year ago, tens of thousands of youth rebelled justly against the discrimination and hardships imposed upon them by the racist rulers of that country. In Iraq and Afghanistan , although led by Islamic fundamentalist forces, the armed resistance has dealt devastating blows to the imperialist occupations.

In Nepal , a ‘third pole’ has emerged, a genuine liberating alternative to imperialism and reaction in the rural base areas, compromising 80% of the countryside. In these areas gender oppression and oppression of poor peasants are being destroyed while new liberating institutions and forms of government are being created.

These contradictions are burning more fiercely in Canada as they are around the world. First Nations continue to openly rebel – demanding their right to self-determination and land, in some cases defiant to intimidation and violence of police and RCMP. This is a major thorn in the side of Canadian imperialists, who thought they had taken care of the “Native problem” with their assimilation efforts, land thefts, residential schools, and armed force.

Canada ’s participation in the occupations of Haiti and Afghanistan has not been spared the discontent of the people in Canada either, as more and more are demanding Canada Leave Now from both countries! There is a real basis for this to lead to further and determined resistance.

Standing in solidarity with resistance movements worldwide, World People’s Resistance Movement – Winnipeg sends greetings to the formation of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada, and to the efforts of its activists to increase opposition to the world system of imperialism. We especially warmly welcome the RCP’s opposition to Canadian involvement in Afghanistan and Haiti , as well as its support for revolution in Nepal .

We look forward to a bright future of resistance and rebellion, and anticipate the time when common dreams shared by so many for a world without oppression and exploitation can become real.

North, East, South, West,

World People’s Resistance Movement – Winnipeg


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