Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Week of Resistance: Charging Bison April 30-May 6

Cops dragging a young women at the Critical Mass anti-military protest May 3. The police arrested four people at 'Camp Pioneer.'
May 1 - The Radical Cheerleaders in action.
The ride on Portage Ave May 3.

Returning over the bridge from the Walkout Against War - May 1 - where 100 youth confronted the troops on the terrible tasks they are being trained to do.

Troops 'on patrol' at 'Camp Pioneer.' They looked on quietly as cops arrested four anti-military protesters.

The Radical Cheerleaders giving it to both the cops and the troops. These fearless women and their pom-poms of power denounced Canada's military - and also the police with a ditty called P.I.G.S.

After the seven had been arrested May 3 at a Critical Mass, the bikers rerouted to the Public Safety Buildings for a solidarity sit-in.


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