Sunday, April 30, 2006


The army has officially set up in Winnipeg to practice for their terrible and unjust missions in Afghanistan. WE MUST RESIST!!

We know from engaging with the masses of Winnipeg's inner city, going door-to-door, talking about the Canadian armed forces and their missions abroad, that there is little support for Operation Charging Bison. WE MUST RESIST!

Over a dozen schools have had organizers volunteer their time to talk with students, and many more have been reached through other means. STUDENTS WALKOUT OF CLASS! WORKERS WALKOUT OF WORK!

History has shown that even if the resistance movement is in a minority in society, that it can positively affect change. We need to do this now more than ever, to try to make as big of a splash as possible. We need to expose Canada's military and oppose the Canadian government for their crimes in Haiti, Afghanistan, and their support for the U.S. led 'war on terror.' WE CANNOT ACCEPT THIS!!

WPRM-Winnipeg encourages people to get out and support both May Day marches, as well as all actions against the military and OCB.

May 1st
Walkout Against war!!
1pm Memorial park - march to St. Boniface
Family friendly - BRING THE NOISE!!! Drums, instruments, banners and MASSIVE RESISTANCE.

6:30pm meet at City Hall - march to U of W for May Day program


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