Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Organizers Needed! Light up the city!

To help coordinate your school for Winnipeg Walkout 2006, look over these starting points, and then get in touch with the coordinating committee at walkoutwinnipeg@yahoo.ca:

  • Make posters with the date, time, and location: Memorial Park, May 1st, 1pm. Let us know if you need posters or leaflets
  • Make sure the whole school knows about it, and try to organize a contingent with likeminded people to spread the word. Come as a group on busses, bikes, skateboards, or foot
  • Make signs, puppets, or whatever expresses your dissent, before the day of action.
  • Write to: walkoutwinnipeg@yahoo.ca about planning in the coming weeks; let the coordinating committee know how things are going in your school
  • Have fun and think big!


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