Tuesday, March 14, 2006

International Women's Day

This year WPRM activists worked a table at the University of Manitoba, distributing WPRM literature, buttons, postcards, and T-shirts. Hanging the globe flag from the table, it was visited by many students and faculty throughout the day.

Articles from Li Onesto were distributed, including her open letter of support for the "World Can't Wait - Drive out the Bush Regime" campaign, as well as her article "Taking it Higher: Women's Liberation in Nepal," which many people took.

Also distributed were various WPRM statements, including the call, "Build the World People's Resistance Movement," and statement of support for Women in Iran and the March to the Hague for the Abolition of all Misogynic Laws in Iran. (see below for a report on this march)

By far the most picked up pamphlet was the call to resist Operation Charging Bison. Many who took it expressed support for the resistance being planned against the training of Canadian troops for urban war in Afghanistan and Haiti. Several conversations were held over how to overcome the imperialist system, and about what role Canada is playing in the world and Afghanistan.


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