Friday, April 21, 2006

US, UK and All Foreign Occupiers Out of Iraq! No Attack on Iran!

People of the World Unite to Defeat the US-led Imperialist Offensive!

March 20, 2006 marks the 3rd anniversary of the US-led invasion of Iraq. Three years since a great crime was committed; 3 years of non-stop crimes that have cost the lives of over 100,000 people in Iraq and thousands of others around the world: 3 years of lies, deceptions, excuses and open naked terror against the people of Iraq and people all around the planet.

The following words remain as true today as they were two years ago when we first wrote them: In May 2003 US president George W. Bush proclaimed the war in Iraq to be over. In fact it was just beginning. The US- and UK-imperialists along with their allies said their bloody invasion was necessary because of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. But they found nothing because these weapons did not exist. They said they had come to liberate the Iraqi people. Today they stand exposed as old-style colonial occupiers. Instead of peace, justice and prosperity, the imperialists' occupation has brought death and destruction to the Iraqi people.

The occupiers have stolen the country's wealth through capitalist privatisation. They have installed an admitted CIA collaborator as the "prime minister" of Iraq to act as their new loyal puppet and local henchman - just as they helped install and supported Saddam Hussein for over a decade, before Saddam no longer served their purposes and overnight went from "president" to "criminal tyrant" and "madman". Is it any wonder that the Iraqi people are fighting against the occupation forces with greater and greater determination! The US-imperialists used the attacks of September 11th as an excuse to launch a so-called "war on terrorism". In reality the "war on terror" is nothing less than a worldwide offensive for global hegemony. Who is it that has terrorized the world? Despite the spectacle of their rigged "election" in Afghanistan, are the people there better off today - or are they suffering under the renewed domination of the warlords of yesterday, with women afraid to go out without veils, heroin production massively increased, and repression on the rise throughout the country? Meanwhile, in the Middle East the imperialist-backed Zionist State of Israel has only intensified its vicious oppression of the Palestinians. A huge apartheid wall now surrounds the Palestinians, making them prisoners in their own land where they are subjected to daily attacks with tanks, helicopter gunships and F-16s. In the name of the "war on terror", the US and its allies have sent troops to countries and regions around the entire world. For the first time ever the US has even set up military bases in the oil-rich countries of Central Asia. They have gone into the Philippines to help suppress the revolutionary guerrilla war there.

The US, UK and other countries have multiplied many times over their military assistance and other aid to the reactionary monarchy in Nepal in an effort to help that sinking regime in its fight to suppress the revolutionary People's War there. In Africa and Latin America they seize natural resources and squeeze profits from the masses labour. When their excuse of the "war on terror" won't work as a pretext for their interventions and domination they have a seemingly endless number of other "wars" they use in an effort to conceal their imperialist aims: "war on drugs", "war on AIDS", "war on poverty", "war on illiteracy", almost anything will do, so long as it's a "war". After all as Bush himself repeats so often: "I am a war President." How true this is, and not just of Bush, but of the entire social and economic system that today is ruling over the people of the whole world. Or to put it another way: "Imperialism means war."

This year, on March 20, 2006 hundreds of thousands of people and more, in countries all around the world, will be taking part in protests and demonstrations against the invasion of Iraq, the continuing imperialist occupation there and many other crimes being committed by the imperialists on every continent. The World People's Resistance Movement wholeheartedly supports these protests. We call on people everywhere to join them, work to strengthen and spread them and to unite people of all nationalities, religions, and ethnic backgrounds to fight our common enemy - the world system of imperialism.

Building such unity and struggle is all the more an urgent task as in the last few days and weeks we have seen how the big powers led by the US have purposely created a "crisis" with Iran and are openly threatening a "pre-emptive" attack - perhaps with nuclear weapons. While they are now openly talking about their "right" to spill the blood of thousands of our sisters and brothers in Iran while claiming this act of aggression is "to preserve world peace", they are once again proving to the people of the world, that there is no lie they will not tell and no crime they will not commit. Only the people of the world and our united struggle can stop them. This is a challenge we must accept and a mission we must complete.

North, South, East and West - Unite the People's Struggles!

Provisional Organising Committee (Europe)
World People's Resistance Movement (WPRM)
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