Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Response to Shoddy Media

Re: Free Press Tuesday, May 2 "Hey peaceniks, show some gratitude"

I was disgusted by Lindor Reynolds misleading and shameful two cents on Operation Charging Bison - in concordance with the noticable lack of in-depth coverage across all major media in Winnipeg of the student walkout on Monday.

Lindor chose to represent the hundred plus group of vibrant, energetic, democracy-loving youth as "peaceniks, people who are able to ingore the fact that already at war."

No Lindor, we are not "able" to ignore it. We are firmly opposed to it! We are against the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan because it is a theocracy with Sharia law written into the constitution. Did you miss the putting on trial of a Christian for converting from Islam? Or the fact that the "government" is comprised of warlords with private armies, who have alongside the Taleban terrorized the masses for years?

As for "peaceniks," your choice of words is misrepresentative and ridiculous. Did not the black flags, or kids in camo-pants, or globe flags mean anything to you? Perhaps not when it is easier to make the protesters look "ungrateful".

I can respect the human under the helmet, but will not put down a placard to thank soldiers unless they quit or resist orders to fight an unjust war. I will have no gratitude for the military, or shoddy journalism. And frankly, this don't question, support the troops blindly attitude is frightening - and has nothing to do with peace and democracy.

yours sincerely,


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